What is cremation jewelry?

Published by Gina on 19th Apr 2018

The first time I ever thought about cremation jewelry, I was on a bike ride. After a few weeks of unsuccessfully searching online for a memorial piece that suited me, my good friend Julie said, "Let's make our own."  We had recently lost an amazing friend, training partner and world class athlete to cancer. We just needed to keep her around with us. We knew she would be happy about that.  


Our Inspiration behind making a "cremation bead"  is the hot shot on the left, Michelle Bono, Julie is the one in the center and I am on the right. So what is a "memorial cremation bead"?  It is a tangible way to hold, honor and share your love and adventures with a loved one who has passed away. It is created by incorporating the cremated remains, hair or fur of your loved one into the piece. We felt that our design needed to reflect an essence. We wanted it to be discreet, and be wearable for everyday. We know that sometimes our hearts are not ready to share our stories with just anyone. Our designs are respectful of that. www.inspirememorials.com


Here is our Phoenix Bead.  This is where it all started, but we had no idea where we would be years later. We have grown slowly.  There was no real intention behind what we did other than make our pieces for our own needs. Then, it was a few friends who loved the idea, so we thought we would create a business to share our work. Yes, we are a business in a legal and tax sense  But, I feel like maybe I have become the perfect stranger. I listen, care, relate and feel people's emotions. I get to help take a step towards healing broken hearts. You can say anything to me about what is hurting and even sometimes the relief of someone's passing. You can tell me.  There is no consequence, no guilt, and no judgment.  Just compassion.