Our inspiration for Inspire Memorials

Our inspiration for Inspire Memorials

Published by Gina Reid on 27th Jan 2020

Julie and I started Sisu Beads / Inspire Memorials to honor our good friend Michelle. 


That is Julie on the left, Michelle on the right.

We were track racers and we loved going fast on our bikes! That’s me. Gina.

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I feel like Michelle guides us….  I guess I still just always think of her and know that she is playing a huge part in what we are striving for at Inspire Memorials.

Michelle had style….


style with a smile, rockin the bright blue bandana.

I guess it is all of it, her essence, her abilities, that has brought a classic and sporty style to how we wanted to honor her memory. 

Since then Julie and I have seen an industry that we probably would not have seen so up close… until we had to. That being the funeral industry. We chose to celebrate Michelle’s life and have her join us in our adventures. We wanted to add some brightness. Some beauty and art. We were just inspired…..plain and simple. We give credit to Michelle.

That is my honest and long introduction to our cremation jewelry. Let's make them beautiful. Let's have skilled and loving hands make them. Let's heal, hold, honor and love.