How do you make cremation jewelry?

26th Jan 2020

Keeping the cremains safe and secure is the most important design element for Inspire Memorials cremation jewelry.

We individually hand make each piece of cremation jewelry.  The cremation ash is joined with the cremation jewelry at its inception.  The ash becomes one with the jewelry.  

The Sisu Beads are ceramic and the cremation ash is kiln fired into the bead.

The sterling silver and gold cremation jewelry completely encase the ash within the precious metal.  This is done when your cremation piece is made.  There is no hole or screw like traditional urn jewelry.

Celebrating your loved one's spirit is another important element of Inspire Memorials cremation jewelry.  We respect and honor your loved one.   We welcome you to share a little bit about your loved one.  Often, we will play a special requested song while we make your original memorial jewelry or keepsake.  

Please contact us with any questions.  We'd be honored to make a unique piece of cremation jewelry to honor your loved one. (artist who makes the gold and silver cremation jewelry) (artist who will make your Sisu Beads cremation jewelry)